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Your Skills Can Land You A 6- Figure Income

Has COVID forced you to reevaluate your career? Are you a first responder or trained health professional who is sacrificing your health and wellbeing working around the clock to save others but are underwhelmed by your paycheck for all of your hours and effort put into the job?

Are you a sales professional sick and tired of the commission-based sales struggle or the headaches of working a job that does not afford you the six-figure income that you really desire?

Are you losing sleep at night due to the uncertainty of the times and the impending recession that is on the horizon and you would like to lock in a recession-proof job ASAP?

If this sounds like you, then you're about to read a letter about an untapped opportunity that is within your reach.

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Dear Friend,

Pharmaceutical sales is one of the highest-paid sales jobs on the planet.
Pharmaceutical reps have been said to make more money than many doctors per hour they work.

Many reps work between 10a-2p and can still bring in 20-30k in bonus every 3 months PLUS base pay of 65 -250k per year!


Imagine the lifestyle you could experience with this type of salary!

Imagine getting to talk to some of the smartest minds in the world about a great product that can save lives or make a difference. 



The life of a pharmaceutical rep really is as glamorous as it looks. Our car is paid for or provided by the company. Many companies offer full benefits including stock options that can allow you to save for your future retirement, a side business venture, or an emergency fund you could need in the future.

I, like so many reps in the industry, used my stock options to build a side hustle, during my personal time, that has the potential to generate an additional 100k per year while still being the top-performing sales rep on my team!

My income has afforded me the ability to take my family on the most amazing trips all around the world! We've taken our family of 6 to Rome, Italy Venice, France, London, Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, St. Thomas, St Kitts, and so many places! We ski every year in a different country! We've already skied in Colorado, Lake Tahoe, Banff Canada and will be skiing in Switzerland this year DURING a recession!

They will always need pharmaceutical reps to speak with doctors about writing the medicine of the pharmaceutical company because nothing is more convincing than human interaction!

What do pharmaceutical reps do you ask? Every day we visit a certain number of doctors and speak to them about the drug our company produces and why they should write this drug for a specific patient type.

I've always said that as a rep, I get paid to talk to my friends about a product that I already believe in to help patients I may never see. It is like watching your favorite movie and being so excited about it that you get to tell your friends that they need to go see it and all the reasons why. And as a result, you get paid the big bucks!

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I did not start off having a glamorous lifestyle. I was homeless when I was 27 years old as a single mother with a baby. I even had to go on food stamps because I could not afford to eat. This is after graduating from college premed biology and attempting to get a job in the science industry after I changed my mind about going to medical school. Life was really hard and I had no outside sales experience.

I got into the pharmaceutical industry during a recession and my life changed forever! I went from living in a one-bedroom basement apartment to purchasing a three-story seven-bedroom home in an exclusive neighborhood. I went from barely being able to afford to eat basic food to be able to enjoy five-star restaurants on a regular basis! My husband and I enjoy plays, concerts, movies, VIP experiences and so much more! I was able to help my aging mother when she experienced medical problems and be there for the people that mattered most.



I am not going to sugar coat this journey. It is VERY difficult to impossible for most people to enter pharmaceutical sales and there are hundreds of thousands competing for these coveted jobs! 

What will set you apart to get past the automated filter when submitting your resume on Indeed? How will you get an interview, stand out during the interview, and land a pharmaceutical sales job?

PREPARATION and having the inside scoop, that's how!

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As a top-performing senior sales representative and district trainer who has been in the industry for over 14 years, has won 10 of the top of sales awards in the industry, and 5 of those within the last 6 years, I KNOW how to win in pharmaceutical sales. I also KNOW how to help get YOU into the industry. I have been the person on the other side recruiting and conducting the interview. I can tell you the inside secrets on what it takes in order to enter this industry, make it past an interview, and receive the offer.



You do NOT need a science background

You do NOT need to take one of those expensive certification courses.

You do not need to understand medical terminology, pharmacology or any of "Those-big-words-ology!"

If you are a self-starter, with a degree in ANY industry and coachable, you can and will enter the pharmaceutical sales industry.

I make it soooooo easy with my proven system.

I walk you step by step through the process AND give you the tools that will increase your confidence and set you apart from your competition.



I can help you avoid the frustration, time and wasted energy it takes in order to be considered. So many people think that you need a pharmaceutical sales certification but you really do NOT. You don't need a science background or to pay somebody a ton of money to give you a certificate to show that you are qualified for the pharmaceutical sales industry. I will help you save money, save time, and set yourself apart from the competition.

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What Others Have To Say About My Sales Coaching

I highly recommend Shay Levister to anyone looking for leadership and guidance within the pharmaceutical industry. Shay is an outstanding pharmaceutical sales specialist with many years of multi-disease and specialty experience in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. In 2018, I met Shay when I joined Amarin to launch the new cardiovascular indication. From the start, Shay proved herself to be an effective trainer, high performer, and always dedicated to seeing others succeed.

As a trainer, Shay was extremely instrumental in my success by providing clear direction, assisting in streamlining the corporate message and offering specific ways to win. Just as Shay was passionate about exceeding goals within in her own territory, she stayed passionate in ensuring that I also reached more than my goal attainment. Shay helped me achieve, all while she effectively executed a comprehensive launch plan to Cardiologists, Endocrinologists and primary care within her own territory; collaborated with her partner, as well as worked independently to drive results that earned her yet another Circle of Excellence Award.

Shay is a strategic business leader and has formed strong relationships within her territory. I watched her consistently run her territory like an owner, often going the extra mile while other representatives settled with bare minimums. In addition, building relationships with office stakeholders was natural to her. Not only, did she sustain those relationships, but she appropriately leveraged those relationships to change prescribing behaviors and improve patient outcomes.

If available, I would jump at the opportunity to work alongside and grow with Shay all over again. Trusting in her sales leadership is a smart career decision that will reap great returns.

Yours sincerely,

— Shameika Miller
Cardiometabolic Sales Specialist/Atlanta Regional Field Trainer

Shay Levister is the epitome of what you would want in a leader, trainer and sales representative. When I first met Shay over 20 years ago she was working as a representative with the American Red Cross promoting blood drives. As a lifetime blood donor, this was a very important initiative to me. I welcomed her support and direction and a very successful community blood drive was achieved. It was also during that time a friendship was born. Shay shared her interest in pharmaceutical sales and I began mentoring her. She quickly landed a position with a pharmaceutical company and immediately became a rising star and a force to be reckoned with. Over the years she has received numerous President Club awards and promotions providing her new opportunities to lead and share the wisdom that she had acquired over the years. One of those promotions was to the position of District Field Trainer. She now not only had the responsibility of her own territory but was now also responsible for the development and growth of her peers. This was an ideal role for Shay because it gave her the privilege to share her expertise and develop additional leadership skills that could propel her toward a District Sales Manager opportunity when presented. Shay’s success as District Field Trainer was no surprise. It starts with her engaging personality. In order to be remembered, you have to memorable. Shay has that characteristic! She extremely passionate about success and has always exhibited the work ethic to accomplish her goals. She has demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp the complexities of various pharmaceutical formulations and comfortably articulate pricing, policies, and procedures with confidence. She is coachable, conversational, creative, strategic, and analytical, while always exhibiting outstanding follow-through. Shay is also inquisitive a key ingredient infused into every successful sales representative. This trait helps create probes that help uncover the true hidden objection blocking sales success. When mentoring she displays empathy when reps are struggling but also motivates using sincere enthusiasm, constructive criticism, confidence restoration and a specific success plan going forward. What makes Shay a powerful trainer is that she has a very impressive history of unparalleled success. Often you have trainers who have never accomplished or executed the goals they are asking someone else to do. Shay has consistently done it with excellence!!! In Shay Levister, you are getting a woman who is very approachable and driven. Her outstanding skill set is an asset to any company and it is my recommendation that you give her profound, strong consideration as you decide the future of your organization. If I had eight Shay Levisters being the Regional Manager of the Year would become a yearly event!

— Norman A.
Bell Jr Regional Sales Manager Sun Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Shay, thank you so much for helping me get a fast start into this new pharmaceutical industry. It’s totally a different sale than I’ve done before. I’m so thankful for you; for showing me how to simply messaging, teaching me where to start to have the best impact with prescribers, challenging me on learning more about the MOA, and highlighting the importance of my personal brand.

All these techniques have helped me overcome the learning curve and lack of confidence going into the medical field. Thanks to you, I’ve achieved a 107% goal attainment in my very first quarter as a Pharma sales rep. While I knew I could do it, I can’t say I would have achieved this so quickly without being able to watch you and learn during our ride alone and your continued coaching. Watching work those offices opened my eyes as to how to present myself and my messaging. That experience was invaluable to my development as a new rep. So I’m sending you this email to say Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Did I say thank you! You are the best!!

— Rob Conley


I had the opportunity and pleasure to have Shay Levister as my sales mentor and coach. I wasn't sure to what to expect upon our first session. I was hoping for some constructive feedback and words of encouragement. What I received from Mrs. Levister was the whole package. She was encouraging, strategic, and extremely positive and most importantly very experienced. She set weekly appointments and assignments for me based on strategic planning, goal setting, and building a rapport with customers. Which I can definitely say added tremendous value to the growth of my business. Having Mrs. Levister as my mentor put me on the right track to success.

— Josephus Patrick III

Shay is a phenomenal resource in the pharmaceutical sales sector as she is award-winning and is a stellar sales trainer. Her bright smile is her brand! Her magnetic personality and style brightens any room she enters which speaks to why she has developed long-lasting relationships in her territory and is seen as a business asset to every physician she encounters. Besides being a joy to work with, Shay is a take-charge woman who is able to present creative strategies and communicate the benefits. She has developed several marketing plans that have resulted in increased revenue and proven to be successful. In addition, she has assumed numerous leadership roles in sales meetings, inspiring and motivating others. Outside of maximizing her skills within her designated territory and as the consummate team player at Amarin Pharmaceutical Company, she pours her skills and knowledge into others to coach, train and develops them into great sales representatives. Shay is always eager to go the extra mile to ensure her trainees fully comprehend the principles behind the sales process which is equally as important as learning the product itself. Her genuine and upbeat spirit connects to others who are eager to learn from her and everyone who she has assisted has thrived and exceeded expectations as she has. Shay is a true gem. It is rare to find anyone who is as dedicated, knowledgeable, and as passionate as she. Shay is well rounded, has an infectious personality and will soar beyond the sky with any task she sets out to accomplish. I know that when Shay is in the room, I can draw upon her skills and proven record of success in a multitude of areas as she is a remarkable colleague and contributor. Her knowledge of sales and marketing, sales management and ability to strategically make learning fun makes her an incredible asset to anyone she works with anywhere.

— Kamesha Hall Pfizer
Senior Dermatology Specialist


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  4.  The International Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual (A $1132.00 Value) Plus The Interviewing Guide


  1. Break-In Pharma Masterclass: The complete VIDEO lessons on how to enter the pharmaceutical sales industry with no experience. ($1579)
  2. Secure The Interview Secrets- My stunningly simple secrets on How to secure an interview with a pharmaceutical company. ($799)
  3. Interview Prep Vault - How to perform so well in the interview that they make you an offer even while having no pharmaceutical experience at all! ($1903)
  4. No Brainer Negotiating- How to negotiate the offer so that you get the highest pay possible ($$$Priceless)
  5. Lifetime Membership- Earlybird Access to all updates and added lessons for a lifetime! ($PRICELESS)

    TOTAL VALUE: $5,896


  1. A copy of a winning resume that allowed one of my recruits to enter the pharmaceutical industry with no experience. ($79)
  2. The 30 60 90 day plan for success so that you can let the hiring manager know how serious you are and your plan to be successful from day one. ($149)
  3. The standard pharmaceutical sales interview questions and answers that will set you up for an amazing interview. ($55)
  4. The International Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual (A $1132.00 Value) Plus The Interviewing Guide



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